Resistance Welder

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Sunstone AC Welder

Ideal for general purposes welding, the Sunstone AC resistance spot welders are precision units with accurate controls that can be adjusted down to weld times as low as 1/100 second.  Depending on the metal and orientation, a typical welding applications range from sheets as thin as 0.05mm up to 1.2mm.

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Sunstone CD Welder

Ideal for welding very conductive parts such as copper, the Sunstone CD spot welders provides high peak current and fast rise time. It is mostly used in the battery pack manufacturing and microscopic assemblies industry.

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Sunstone DC Welder

The Sunstone DC Welder has the best low energy control, making it ideal to weld on fine wires and thin foil. It has got all the benefits and exceed a typical DC welder without the need of an external transformer or the use of transistors to control the energy output.

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