Buy an Excellent Welding Machine in Singapore

Whether you are involved in a DIY project or need a reliable welder in a commercial or industrial context, you have come to the right place! At Finmark, we have a broad selection of laser welding equipment available at competitive prices, and can equip you with the tools you need to get the job done to a high standard.

Work with conductive or resistive materials

We offer a huge range of different models to suit an array of different requirements. From flame and Micro-Tig to and resistance and laser welding, you will find what you need no matter what industry you work in. Your choice will depend on the circumstances including work with plating, material or geometry, as well as the scale of the components you are using. If you need help choosing which will work best for your needs, talk to our experts and get the advice you need to make an informed decision when you buy a welding machine in Singapore.

High quality equipment at low prices

We are committed to offering our customers the highest quality without making any sacrifice on the standard of our products. In addition to supplying the best welding equipment in Singapore, we also offer premium polishing, casting, cutting and laser marking machinery as well as a range of accessories to enhance your experience. Be sure to have a browse through all the products and services we offer to see how we can meet your personal, commercial or industrial needs.

Speak with the experts

If you aren’t sure which series will be right for you, or you would like to make a purchase enquiry, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling +65 6743 6707 or sending an email to From DC to laser welding machines in Singapore — Finmark has you covered!

Fino Laser Welder

Punctilious towards your welding applications? Look no further. The FINO series laser welder is compact, reliable, and ensures high performance for all micro-welding applications on metals and alloys.

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Valo Laser Welder

Similar to the FINO series, but with a power of up to 130 Joules, the VALO laser spot welder series caters to companies requiring intensive continuous working sessions with its high duty-cycle capabilities.

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Sunstone AC Welder

Ideal for general purposes welding, the Sunstone AC resistance spot welders are precision units with accurate controls that can be adjusted down to weld times as low as 1/100 second.  Depending on the metal and orientation, a typical welding applications range from sheets as thin as 0.05mm up to 1.2mm.

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Sunstone CD Welder

Ideal for welding very conductive parts such as copper, the Sunstone CD spot welders provides high peak current and fast rise time. It is mostly used in the battery pack manufacturing and microscopic assemblies industry.

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Sunstone DC Welder

The Sunstone DC Welder has the best low energy control, making it ideal to weld on fine wires and thin foil. It has got all the benefits and exceed a typical DC welder without the need of an external transformer or the use of transistors to control the energy output.

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Sunstone Pulse Arc Welder (Orion series)

Micro Tig Welding without the need of a filler. The Sunstone Pulse Arc Welder (Orion Series) are ideal for a variety of applications, including mold repair, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and many other unique welding needs.

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Montano Micro Flame Welder

Eliminates the need of a gas cylinder, our Montano Micro Flame Welder operate based on the electrolytic dissociation of water. Montano Micro Flame Welder is ideal for welding, brazing, soldering, and polishing for all types of metals, plastics, ceramic, and even glass. It ensures precision with its pin point micro flame while maintaining its user-friendliness.

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Montano Flame Welder

Separated gas H2 & O2 generators operate based on the electrolytic dissociation of water to produce hydrogen and oxygen separately, with a high purity for general thermal treatments.

With its high flame power output, it is ideal for general brazing and welding applications.

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