Laser Marking Machine in Singapore

Mark a variety of objects and materials with the ultimate accuracy, speed and control.

Uses of laser engraving

This technique has a number of common applications and can be used on a variety of different materials. You can use this technology to etch serial numbers and identification, brand products with your company logo or add a personal touch of to your own possessions from musical instruments to furniture.

Whether you are in the industrial manufacturing industry, you are a small business offering crafting services or you want to sell your own DIY products from home or online, buy a laser engraving machine in Singapore from Finmark and enjoy the exceptional quality of our products.

Our Machines

Our range includes a variety of different options that perform best under different circumstances. The difference in each model is the source of the laser, such as our Fiber and CO2 lasers. Regardless of your choice, you will have extreme accuracy at your fingertips at a scale suitable for personal or commercial production. Our machines will give you the best possible results with speed unmatched by anything else on the market — get your hands on a marking machine today and experience the difference!

We also offer tools for cutting, welding, casting and polishing in addition to an array of services, so take a look through our website today to find out what you can achieve with the team at Finmark.

Find out more

Browse below for more information on each series of laser engraving machine that we offer, or get in touch with our team to discuss what will best suit your needs. Give us a call on +65 6743 6707 to speak with us directly, send an email to to enquire in writing or leave your details with us to receive a quick response from our staff.

Finmark FL Series

The Finmark FL Series fiber laser marking machine is your solution to mark and engrave on all types of metals with over the top precision and quality results. Be it stainless steel, brass, aluminium, anodized alloy, and many more!

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Finmark FL Compact

Fiber laser marking right at your desk. The Finmark FL Compact are the combination of a PC and laser control system. Considered to be one of the smallest fiber laser marking machine in the world, Finmark FL Compact are extremely compact in size, easy to setup and dismantle, and what’s more, it produces high precision and quality marking on virtually all metals.

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Finmark CL Series

Similar to the Finmark FL Series, but with a CO2 laser source. The Finmark CL Series provides you the cutting edge in laser marking on non-metals like wood, high pressured laminate, leather, plastic, and many more.

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HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Think of it as a laser marking machine on steroid. HGLASER fiber laser marking machine provides you not only with superior marking results, it also allows you to cut on thin sheet of metals due to its high power capacity.

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Finmark Pricas Series

Finmark Pricas is a CO2 laser marking and cutting machine. Finmark Pricas is ideal for marking and cutting on non-metals, ranging from wood, acrylic, polycarbonate, leather, and many more. A CO2 laser machine uses a gas laser beam, which is generated from a carbon dioxide gas mixture in a sealed tube.

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