Laser cutting is when a high-powered laser beam is used to melt, heat, and/or partial or complete vapourising of the material.


Laser cutting is used in a wide range of industries for multiple purposes. Laser cutting is commonly used to create 3D models and prototypes in the architectural and education sector. It is also used for more commercial purposes such as cutting packaging materials and sign displays.

Our Machines

Finmark offers several laser types to best cater to the different needs and requirements of the market. The difference in laser machines comes from the laser source used, such as C02 lasers, Fiber lasers, or Crystal (Nd:YAG) lasers.

Finmark’s laser cutting series not only use less energy when cutting and are quieter, but also cut with greater speed, quality, and accuracy than a conventional cutter, requiring very little post-process finishing.

Farley GF3015

Farley GF3015 is a fiber laser cutting machine. It is widely used for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper plates.

The Farley GF3015 has a high cutting speed for thinner metal thickness that are 5mm and below.

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Farley DM Contour

Farley DM Contour is a CO2 laser cutting machine. It is widely used for cutting thick carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum, and titanium. The Farley DM Contour can achieve a smooth surface finish when cutting thick metals. This is a reliable and affordable laser cutting system, with automatic transfer table and excellent accessibility.

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Finmark Pricas Series

Finmark Pricas is a CO2 laser marking and cutting machine. Finmark Pricas is ideal for marking and cutting on non-metals, ranging from wood, acrylic, polycarbonate, leather, and many more. A CO2 laser machine uses a gas laser beam, which is generated from a carbon dioxide gas mixture in a sealed tube.

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Trotec Speedy Series

State-of-the art CO2 laser cutter that can cut and mark on non-metal. Trotec is one of the world’s most important manufacturer of laser machines, and Finmark Laser is proud to be their sole distributor in Singapore.

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Trotec Speedy Flexx Series

The world’s first laser system that combines both CO2 and Fiber laser into one machine. Mark and cut on virtually anything, Trotec Speedy Flexx uses both laser source in one job, meaning you can mark and cut metal and non-metal in a single process without pausing the machine to change the laser source. Who said you can’t have the best of both world?

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