We understand the frustration of not being able to find a suitable tools or accessories for the product/machines that you bought. Here at Finmark Laser, we tried our best to provide you a one-stop solution for all the essential accessories that you might need.

All the accessories are carefully selected to be compatible with the machines that we sell, ranging from laser safety goggles, to fume extractor.


Need to mark and cut a circular or cylinder shaped object? Our rotary is designed to get these specific job done.

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Laser Safety Goggles

Protect your eyes by wearing a laser safety goggles during the application of laser marking, cutting, and welding. Any lasers, be it fiber laser, CO2 laser, YAG laser, or UV laser, are harmful to the human eyes. It is highly recommended by Finmark Laser to always wear a laser safety goggles in every laser application attempt.

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Z Axis Lab Jack

The essential accessory for precision marking application. Our Z Axis Lab Jack provides smooth and stable adjustment of height. It also have a bigger table size model to suit bigger application needs.

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3 Axis Lab Jack

A 3 Axis Lab Jack for your marking needs. Able to move in X, Y, and Z direction, it provides smooth and stable adjustment, with a 0.01 mm resolution.

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Laser Alignment Device

Getting the laser to be at it’s focal point isn’t always easy, specially for new users. But fred not, with the laser alignment device, you can adjust to the correct focal point affordlessly.

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Micro Fiber Cloth

Microfiber cloth that is suitable for general wiping of glass, mirror, computer screens, TV screens, and jewellery surfaces.

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Sunstone Opposed Weld Heads

To be paired with any of the Sunstone Resistance Welder, the Sunstone Opposed Weld Heads are ideal for general fine spot resistance welding. Be it welding on copper wire to relay leads, electrical terminals to solid wire leads, prismatic battery assembly, and etc. The weld head’s electrodes pressure can be adjusted to ensure a strong weld.

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Sunstone Parallel Weld Heads

To be paired with the Sunstone CD Welder, the Sunstone Parallel Weld Heads are ideal for battery pack manufacturing applications, like battery tab welding, prismatic battery assembly, and other welding applications. Each electrode’s pressure can be individually adjusted to ensure a strong weld from the spot welder.

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Fume Extractor

During marking, cutting, or welding application, there will always be harmful material particles floating around the surrounding. Our fume extractor are designed to capture and clean these harmful fume and gas particles, allowing you to enjoy clean air quality while applying strenuous marking, cutting, and welding applications.

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