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Valo Laser Welder

Similar to the FINO series, but with a power of up to 130 Joules, the VALO laser spot welder series caters to companies requiring intensive continuous working sessions with its high duty-cycle capabilities.

The Valo laser spot welder is able to achieve a spot diameter for as low as 0.1mm, allowing for even finer and precise weld.

Product Info

The VALO laser spot welder has a large welding chamber, designed to cater to a wider application needs.

The LEICA’s microscope allows for 10 levels of enlargement, and an integrated On Board Camera system for ease of viewing of welding inside the chamber, all these, with a touch of a finger.

Changing of settings and adjustment can all be done inside the chamber through a rotary switch, and there are 20 pre-set working parameters and a 100 memory cell to store your customized settings for different applications.

The VALO laser spot welder also comes with a double water cooling circuit for a higher duty-cycle to support a heavy duty working sessions.


✓ Welding diameter at 0.01 mm ✓ Broad access to welding chamber
✓ Powerful and silent hydraulic cooling circuit ✓ On-Board Camera
✓ Ethernet & Wi-Fi connections ✓ 100memory cells to save work settings



  • Jewellery production
  • Orthodontics
  • Thermocouples
  • Eye-glass frame repair
  • Electronics
  • Dental instruments
  • And many more!


Parameter VALO 130
Energy 130 J
Laser Type Nd:YAG
Average Power Output 75 w
Spot Diameter 0.1 mm to 2.0 mm
Stereo Microscope by LEICA, binoculars at 10x (magnification), inclined at 45°, built-in Cross-Hair.
Weight 55 kg
Overall Dimension 50 x 86 x 113 cm