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Product Description


The traditional laser marking technologies that are commonly practiced in the market mainly dot peen, stamping, moulding, ink jet, labelling and using harsh chemical. With the advances in laser technology and more environmental-friendly manufacturing methods, the laser machines are getting more popular and cost effective.

Trotec’s SpeedMarkers work for a wide range of demanding and productivity requirements for industrial marking on various different metals and plastics surfaces. It’s superior application results are used to mark codes, serial numbers and other content for tracking, including to mark logos or texts for functional marking or to protect against imitation.


Trotec’s SpeedMarker 1300 – The all-rounder for laser markings

With a marking area of up to 1000 x 450mm, it is capable of marking even large-volume components with dynamic data on many metals and plastics, an ideal choice for ensuring maximum flexibility and high productivity. The SpeedMarker 1300 can be equipped with Focus Shifter – ability to mark components with different levels in shorter time.



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Created for Automation and efficient production of permanent markings on almost all metals and many plastics with MOPA option. Trotec laser machine is regarded as the top laser brand worldwide. Finmark Laser is proud to be their representative and distributor in Singapore. Trotec’s laser markers meet the highest quality design and manufacture complying with the most stringent guidelines such as UID, UDI etc. Their laser cells are designed to be robust, durability and comply with laser class 2.

The SpeedMarker Series offer flexilbility in terms of size and number of components which can handle indiviudal large or heavy components or large number of small components in trays. SpeedMarker series are available in various specification portfolio of working areas, workpiece height and in-built with fiber or MOPA laser processing source.


Flexible work area:



Additional information

Buy an Excellent Laser Marking Machine

An applied laser that creates desired texts, fonts and designs that mark a variety of objects and materials with the ultimate accuracy, speed and control.

Uses of Laser Marking

This technique has a number of common applications and can be used on a variety of different materials. You can use this technology to give you a different textured and marking outcome through these laser processing methods i.e. ablation, annealing, etching or engraving. The versatility for laser marking applies to a wide array from small to medium-sized components such as electronic parts, machinery parts, metal plates such as serial numbers and identification, medical tools, culinary tools, personal accessories and any customized branding logos, designs, QR codes or add a personal touch to your own possessions from musical instruments to furniture.

Whether you are in the industrial or manufacturing industry, you are a small business offering crafting services or you want to sell your own DIY products from home or online, buy a laser marking machine in Singapore from Finmark and enjoy the exceptional quality of our products and most importantly excellent local service support.

In this increasingly competitive market, marking of company’s logo and name provides an excellent branding marketing strategy. A strong brand gives a business a competitive edge. Many industrial and government regulations require clearly distinct product and part identification as part of manufacturing requirements. Finmark understand the trend and we have you covered!

Our Machines

Our range includes a variety of different options that perform best under different circumstances. The difference in each model is the source of the laser, such as our Fiber, MOPA and CO2 lasers. Regardless of your choice, you will have extreme accuracy at your fingertips at a scale suitable for personal or commercial production. Our machines will give you the best possible results with speed unmatched by anything else on the market — get your hands on our marking machine today and experience the difference!

Being highly integrative for different work processes, our laser marking machinery are suited for both the entry-level and space-conscious user. Trusted for reliability and efficiency, productivity is greatly enhanced by excellent standards of precision and speed.

We also offer tools and professional laser services for marking, engraving, cutting and welding, so take a look through our website today to find out what you can achieve with the team at Finmark. Our laser marking, etching and engraving services are able to provide a permanent marking solution with precision and detailing.

Find out More

Browse below for more information on each series of our laser marking machines that we offer, or get in touch with our team to discuss what will best suit your needs. Give us a call on +65 6743 6707 to speak with us directly, send an email to to enquire in writing or leave your details with us to receive a quick response from our staff.

Application of Laser Marker Machines

Laser marking is extensively used in almost all industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, gifts and souvenirs market, jewellery manufacture, medical, manufacturing, processing plant, semi-conductor manufacturing and many more.

Our laser marker machines are able to perform various laser techniques i.e. laser annealing, ablation, foaming, marking, etching, polishing and engraving. Manufacturers, suppliers and customers can mark/engrave on practically any customized branding logos, designs, QR codes and other important product information on their products.





(1) * denoted the above metals can also be processed with a CO2 laser. This requires an additional step and the use of consumables, such as laser marking ink.

(2) The above information is subject to change without prior notice. And note that each materials composite varies depending on the manufacture method and processes.

(3) The features, images, performances, weights and measures contained in the catalogues are completely indicative and approximate and may change without notice.

Features of SpeedMarker Series


Trotec SpeedMarker helps to meet numerous of manufacturing requirements for direct marking, unique identification and more. From automatic code generation and serial number generation to embedding data from external systems such as SAP systems.  It is an ideal laser marking systems offering:

✔ highest quality components = minimal maintenance problem.

✔ 100% developed and manufactured in Austria and Germany.

✔ Endless application possibilities – to meet manufacturing requirements.

✔ Reliable Productivity – maximum laser and machine safety including automated lift doors, rotary indexing tables for rapid part changes, machine lighting and window concept for operator and work ergonomics.

✔ Intuitive laser software and easy operation – including a predefined material laser marking database.

✔ Automated and Instant productivity – with the automation-friendly Software SpeedMark® centrally control the laser process. SpeedMark’s module Vision for precise, camera-assisted positioning of markings on components that guaranteed high quality, consistent and legibility.

✔ Cycle time optimization with Focus Shifter – a new optional feature that enables shortest system times when marking on different levels. The built-in Focus Shifter eliminates the Z-axis movement to save time in each pass.


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Technical Specification

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