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Product Description

It has the maximum productivity and flexibility offering a large work platform area of up to 1300 x 900mm. Whether you are a school/ institution providing learning opportunities to develop students’ creativity through innovative laser technology; or a business corporation requires an efficient, 24/7 operation, work quickly, productively and reliable laser system – Trotec R Series laser cutter give you the ease of use, reliability, low maintenance, durable and a peace of mind as all Trotec systems are designed with safety features to comply to CE standards.



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State-of-the art CO2 laser cutter that can cuts and engraves on non-metal materials: Process acrylic and wood (cut up to 15mm), textiles, paper or cardboard for signs, gifts, toys, models, prototypes or decorative items. Trotec laser machine is regarded as the top laser brand worldwide. Finmark Laser is proud to be their representative and distributor in Singapore. Trotec is the top laser system with a reason – setting new standards in researching, developing and manufacturing laser system that comply to the highest global safety standard CE EN 60825-1 (2007), incorporating innovative features, integration, usability, durability and low maintenance.

The R Series laser cutter comprises flatbed lasers that are ideal for entry-level to heavy-duty users. These customizable compact laser cutters are available with:

Laser Type :  CO2 laser system
Work Area :  From 1030 x 630 mm, up to a big working area 1300 x 900 mm
Laser Power :  60 to 120 watts
Laser Source :  Glass core Laser source




Note: All information contained and provided herein is subject to change without prior notice. The features, images, performances, products specifications and data are indicative and approximate and may change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise. The administration team will email you the confirmation with details for your order/ enquiry. 


Additional information

Buy an Efficient and Value-Added Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine

An applied laser engraving and cutting that creates desired texts, fonts and designs on a wide array of materials and surfaces with the ultimate accuracy, speed and control.

Uses of Laser Engraving

This technique results in quicker, surface or deeper penetration of the material and more effective removal of excess waste for ultra-fine details and finishes. You can use this technology to give you a permanent engraving through the three laser processing methods, i.e. marking, etching and engraving. The versatility for laser engraving and cutting can be applied to a wide variety of materials including ceramics, plastics, papers, MDF, foil, glass, wood, textiles, all forms of metal and much more.

Uses of Laser Cutting

This technique uses a high-powered laser beam to melt, heat, and/or partial or complete vaporizing of the material. You can use this technology to achieve intricate and very fine geometries shapes with clean edges with little or no burring and requires no post-processing procedures.

Laser cutting is used in a wide range of industries for multiple purposes. It is commonly used to create 3D models, prototypes in the architectural and education sector and for more commercial purposes such as cutting packaging materials and sign displays.

Whether you in these industries (aerospace, automotive, electronics, gifts and souvenirs market, medical, manufacturing, processing plant, semi-conductor manufacturing and many more) or education institution to empower and equipped the future generation with the latest technology know-how – buy a laser engraving and cutting machine in Singapore from Finmark and enjoy the exceptional quality of our products and most importantly excellent local service support.

Our Machines

Our range includes a variety of different options that perform best under different circumstances. The difference in each model is the source of the laser, such as our CO2, Fibre or Flexx (CO2 + Fibre) laser systems. Regardless of your choice, you will have extreme accuracy at your fingertips at a scale suitable for personal or commercial production. Our machines will give you the best possible results with speed unmatched by anything else on the market — get your hands on our engraving and cutting machine today and experience the difference!

With Trotec’s laser engraving and cutting series, not only it uses less energy when cutting and are quieter, but also cut with the fastest speed in the market, most productive, quality, and accuracy than a conventional cutter – requiring very little post-process finishing.

Trusted for reliability and efficiency, productivity is greatly enhanced by excellent standards of precision and speed. We also offer tools and professional laser services for marking, engraving, cutting and welding, so take a look through our website today to find out what you can achieve with the team at Finmark. Our laser engraving and cutting services are able to provide an efficient, productive and high-quality solution with precision and detailing.

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All our laser engraving and cutting machines are capable to engrave as well as cut. Depending on the requirement and needs of our customers, if your main use of the laser machine is to cut with speed and precision for large-area materials, a laser cutter is recommended (e.g. Trotec SP series). If your business usually requires smaller work areas dealing mainly with engraving needs, a laser engraving system will be able to meet and offers for the highest processing speed, precision and intricate detailing engraving results (e.g. Trotec Speedy series).

Browse below for more information on each series of our laser engraving and cutting machines that we offer, or get in touch with our team to discuss what will best suit your needs. Give us a call on +65 6743 6707 to speak with us directly, send an email to to enquire in writing or leave your details with us to receive a quick response from our staff.

Features of the Trotec R Series Laser Cutter



Optimized Work Area – All Trotec platforms are optimized to use the standard material sheet sizes available in the market. Hence, save time and money on cutting to fit and maximize the entire working area per laser processing.



The Efficient laser CUTTING – The R series offering with the current maximum engraving speed of 1m/s. Time is money and thus the processing time per laser job is important for the efficiency of your business production.

Durable and Low Maintenance – With RayPack TechnologyTM, it protects sensitive components such as lenses, mirrors and guide components against dirt and dust. Hence minimum downtime of machine for higher productivity and lower maintenance and cleaning costs even with intensive usage.



Rotary Engraving – With rotary attachment device, you can engrave conical, cylindrical and spherical objects such as glasses and bottles. A useful feature that allows more functionality to engrave on different surfaces besides flat sheets only.



Intuitive User Friendly Printer Driver – With a predefined laser parameter for many materials, it allows both beginners or experienced users to achieve perfect laser results and straightforward usability simply by sending their designs in their choice of graphics program to the Trotec Rayjet Commander® laser software to have the materials laser engraved or laser cut accordingly. The software has many useful features for example bidirectional communication, vector sorting, job preview and others.

Best Insight View – All Trotec laser machines are equipped with internal LED lighting and a transparent laser protective film top cover to gives you the best monitoring view of the whole laser processing.



Multifunctionality – The Trotec R Series system is strongly geared in its different flagship features such as the rotary attachment for engraving on cylindrical products, RayPack Technology for high quality engraving and cutting, Protective Cover with optimized Inside View, just to name a few. Trotec laser serves its operator the experience of comfort, convenience and limitless possibilities, favourable for both the novice and professional user.

Epitome of Creativity & Unparalleled Performance – Honing its laser cutting, engraving and etching capabilities on an extensive range of materials from acrylic, bristolboard, fabric, felt, leather, metals, MDF, paper, wood and more, just imagine the diverse possibilities that you can explore. Moreover, with a maximum engraving speed of 1m/sec, and optimized working area for standardized sizes, while maintaining results of ultimate precision and quality, the Trotec R Series amps up both productivity and profitability for your business.

Trotec R Series – the ideal laser engraving and cutting machine offering:

✔ highest quality components = minimal maintenance problem

✔ 100% developed and designed in Austria

✔ Patented RayPack Technology provides the optimized laser lifetime in the market

✔ Efficient laser engraving machine = maximum productivity

✔ Intuitive laser software and easy operation

✔ Perfectly matched Exhaust system = safe and clean environment


Do not just hear from us. You can check it out in the Trotec Laser Youtube Channel for more satisfied Trotec’s users reviews and the sharing of their experience using Trotec laser systems at

Application of Laser Cutter and Engraver Machines


Trotec R Series offers endless personalisation, customisation or creating prototypes applications for architects, designers, sign maker, graphic artists, gifts and souvenirs market, packaging, rubber stamps, medical, schools, universities, industrial users, small businesses, hobbyists and many more.


Technical Specification


Note: The features, images, performances, weights and measures contained in the tabulations/ catalogues are completely indicative and approximate and may change without notice.


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