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The exhaust technology from Trotec ensures safe and clean operation of your laser system. It reliably removes harmful fumes and dust from the processing area and filters any odour that produces during the laser processing through its activated carbon filter. Hence, providing a clean and safe environment for your business operation environment and the users.

Choosing the right exhaust system matter! It will optimize the engraving and cutting results and enhance long operating life for your laser systems. The benefits include:

✔ Ensure safe and clean operation of your laser system, thus guarantees a long operating life for the laser.

✔ Reliably removes dust and gas from the processing area.

✔ Offer much-needed protection for you, your employees, your students and the environment.

✔ Filters odours that develop during laser processing through its activated carbon filter.

✔ Facilitates the best possible engraving and cutting quality.

✔ Optimally integrated with the Trotec laser systems and fully controlled via the JobControl.


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There are 5 available exhaust system specially cater to meet your applications and operation needs:

  • Atmos Nano

Compact and portable. Ideal for fibre laser applications with particularly small dust particles and minimal odour.

  • Atmos Compact

Forms a single unit with smaller lasers machines and simultaneously functions as a support frame. Suitable for applications with low level of dust.

  • Atmos Mono

Standalone unit with a turbine for applications with medium levels of dust.

  • Atmos Duo

Standalone unit with two turbines for applications with high levels of dust.

  • Atmos Mono Plus and Atmos Duo Plus

The ‘Plus’ exhaust systems models come with two activated carbon comfort bags. Suitable for odour intensive applications.


Note: All information contained and provided herein is subject to change without prior notice. The features, images, performances, products specifications and data are indicative and approximate and may change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise. The administration team will email you the confirmation with details for your order/ enquiry. 



FlowControl Technology – The exhaust rate is automatically adjusted depending on the saturation of the filter. Thus, ensuring the gas and dust are optimally extracted at all times.

Digital Control Panel – Conveniently accessed and seen by the user to show the status of the filtering process.

Convenient Filter Replacement – It is easy, clean and convenient to replace the filter units and activated carbon. You can choose between the standard filter or the HEPA filter.

Sound insulation – Minimal operating noise generated which is ideal for use in offices or retail locations.

Brushless Turbines – The exhaust system is fitted with continuous operation brushless turbines, which is maintenance free.

Energy-Saving Mode – The Trotec JobControl® software can be used to set the running time of the exhaust system before and after the end of the laser job. Hence, ensuring optimal exhaust power and saves energy and costs.

Bidirectional Control – The Trotec exhaust systems communicate with the Trotec software where they are simultaneously activated at the start of the laser processing and stop when the job ends. Users can also view the status reports and warnings displayed in the software.




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