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Sunstone Pulse Arc Welder (Orion series)

Micro Tig Welding without the need of a filler. The Sunstone Pulse Arc Welder (Orion Series) are ideal for a variety of applications, including mold repair, medical devices, aerospace, automotive, and many other unique welding needs.

The Sunstone Orion series welder simplify welding processes and delivers power, repeatability, and affordability.

Product Info

The most innovative and impressive micro pulse arc welders in the market, we introduces the Sunstone Orion Pulse series with Intelligent Welding™. Incorporating Sunstone Technology into the pulse arc welders, unique welding needs such as mold repair, medical devices, aerospace and automotive applications are fulfilled, delivering repeatability and affordability.

Our Orion Pulse Arc Welders is capable of meeting the very strenuous welding demands while at the same time maintaining a clean, concise, and simple to navigate interface. It also reflects affordability and versatility, making it the leading fine-spot, resistance and pulse arc welding solution.


✓ 10″ touch screen display ✓ Weld energy selection
✓ Pico mode for extremely small and precise welds ✓ 5x – 10x Microscope with built-in shutter for superior viewing
✓ 3 Pulse waveforms ✓ Weld speed controls
✓ Pulse arc and resistance welding technology in one machine ✓ High frequency agitation


  • Ring Resizing
  • Filling Porosity
  • Batteries
  • Earring Posts
  • Eyeglass Repair
  • Holloware
  • Seam Welding
  • And many more!



Parameter Orion 200i2
Welder Type Pulse-Arc and Resistance
Weld Modes 5
Pre-Programmed Metal Settings 15
Customizable  Save Settings Unlimited
Languages 20+
Display 10 inch Touch Screen
Energy (ws) 0.001-200 ws
Weld Spot Diameter 0.2 – 4.5 mm
Dimension 10 x 12.5 x 81.3 cm
Weight 13 kg