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Sunstone AC Resistance welder frontSunstone AC Resistance welder front


Product Description

Ideal for general purposes welding, the Sunstone AC resistance spot welders are precision units with accurate controls that can be adjusted down to weld times as low as 1/100 second.  Depending on the metal and orientation, a typical welding application range from sheets as thin as 0.05mm up to 1.2mm.

Sunstone AC resistance spot welders incorporate numerous features, which include dual pulse, multi-pulse, roll-spot, foil welding, pouch cell welding, mesh or screen welding, continuous seam welding and temper functions. Additionally, they can store up to 100 schedules and up to 10 jobs. A job helps the user multitask by chaining schedules together and executing complex welding projects.

Computer controlled and comprising of a thermal protection monitoring system, this AC resistance spot welder is a stable and precise choice for meeting resistance spot welding needs. These resistance spot welders can weld materials up to 0.4mm in thickness or even down into the micro-scale levels.



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Resistance welding is an economical way to join two pieces of sheet metal. This method is used for a wide range of joining and heat-treating projects within the manufacturing field. Resistance welding machines, which are particularly known for their durability and unrivalled performance, ensure high speed welding. They are easily automated, economical and suitable for high-rate production. Repeatability and reliability are some of the benefits of resistance welding system. Apart from these advantages, facilities will also see an increase in productivity while gradually decreasing production and labour costs, thereby boosting profitability.


✔ Internal AC Transformer

✔ Simple, User-Friendly Interface

✔ Synchronous IC Control

✔ Adjustable Heat Control

✔ 110 VAC or 240 VAC

✔ Commonly paired with the PG2 hand-piece and EL-Roll electrode to create roller seam and seam welds.



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To build and determine a suitable welding process, it will depend on the factors including efficiency of the production line, operator’s skilfulness, type and qualities of the weld requires, the base metal material and geometry, as well as the scale of the components you are using.

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Why SUNSTONE Resistance Welder Machines

Why SUNSTONE Resistance Welder Machines?

Since 2014, FINMARK has partnered with SUNSTONE to provide sales and quality local technical support in our region. Established in 2006, SUNSTONE specializes in designing, engineering and manufacturing fine-spot micro-welding and engraving solutions. Their welding systems are used in an array of research and manufacturing fields and industries.

Their growing expertise and dedication to innovation pushes them to be the premier leader of micro-welding equipment. Today, their products are used by many prestigious organisations such as Apple Computers, NASA, MIT, GE, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, to government and military agencies and many others.

Whether you are a single operator or a production facility, SUNSTONE has a wide range of welders to suit your application needs. Our customer support begins the moment you require an effective welding solution for your business needs and we continue on with our commitment presence and knowledgeable technical know-how support in Singapore.



Application of Welder Machine

Application of SUNSTONE Resistance Welder Machines

SUNSTONE AC Resistance welding systems are ideal for a broad range of complex alloys and applications commonly used in the aerospace, automotive, electronics, jewellery, medical devices, batteries, military, laboratory and many other industrial sectors. Some of the applications include:

    • Medical Device Components
    • Spot Welding
    • Seam Welding
    • Micro Welding
    • Battery Welding
    • Computer Components
    • Welding of precious and non-precious metals
    • Bonding dissimilar metal
    • Welding electronics components
    • Honeycomb welding
    • Mesh foil and sheet welding



    • Precious (such as silver, gold and platinum)
    • Non-precious metals (such as stainless steel and mild steel)


Technical Specification



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