Stainless Steel

Proficast SGA 3500

The Proficast SGA 3500 is an industrial precision casting system with tilting crucible for all kind of stainless steel.

The machine has an automatic power adaption and an automatic frequency tracing that is able to adapt to various melting power exactly for various kind of steels.

The LCD-touch-screen allows users to program and observe all the relevant working data, and parameters for the casting.


✓ Able to cast on all kind of stainless steel ✓ Easy to use and maintain
✓ LCD touch-screen to view working data
✓ Automatic front door


  • Aerospace
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Plant Machinery
  • Defence
  • Electrical equipment
  • Hardware
  • Art Sculptures



Parameter SGA 3500
Crucible Volume 3500 cm3
Max Mould Height 500 mm
Max Heating Temperature 1750 °C
Weight 2200 kg