Proficast MPS 3000

Precision casting for Copper. The Proficast MPS 300 is able to cast copper in less than 12 minutes. The Proficast MPS 300 allows you to cast high strength and durability parts for your sculpture, art work, mechanical parts, pump parts, machine tools, pipe fittings, and many more.

Casting allows one to replicate complex unmachinable parts, and at the same time, reduces the overall weight of the part due to the absence of bolts and nuts. By using casting, it also removes the need of welding and joining together different workpiece.


✓ Able to cast on Copper  ✓ Melting of 10kg copper in less than 12 mintues
✓ Easy to use and maintain  ✓ Casting up to 3 litres



  • Aerospace
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Plant Machinery
  • Defence
  • Electrical equipment
  • Hardware
  • Art Sculptures



Parameter MPS 300
Crucible Volume 3500 cm3
Max Mould Height 500 mm
Max Heating Temperature 1750 °C
Weight 2200 kg