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HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Think of it as a laser marking machine on steroid. HGLASER fiber laser marking machine provides you not only with superior marking results, it also allows you to cut on thin sheet of metals due to its high power capacity.

The HGLASER fiber laser marking machine comes with a cover, and a castor base for easy manoeuvre of machine. This machine is ideal for businesses that are in for heavy-duty metal marking and engraving, and at the same time, looking for that little extra to cut on thin metal sheets.

Product Info

Comes with 2 power to choose from, 50 and 100 watt, the HGLASER Fiber Laser Marking machine brings the extra punch for heavy duty marking sessions, and also able to cut on thin metal sheets.

The machine comes with a cover, with laser protective window, allowing you to view your work piece without the need of wearing a safety laser goggles.


✓ Air cooled ✓ Customizable marking area
✓ Protective cover ✓ Maintenance free
✓ High power to mark and cut on thin metal sheets ✓ More than 100,000 marking hours


  • Personal items
  • General appliances
  • Electronical parts
  • Cutting of thin metal sheets
  • Marking of serial number
  • Marking of QR and Dot Matrix
  • And many more!


Parameter HGF 100
Average Output Power 100w
Marking Area 110 x 110mm (Customizable)
Marking Depth 0.4mm
Min. Focus Laser Diameter 0.2mm
Min Linear Width 0.01mm
Power Supply AC220V 60Hz