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Finmark Pricas Series

Finmark Pricas is a CO2 laser marking and cutting machine. Finmark Pricas is ideal for marking and cutting on non-metals, ranging from wood, acrylic, polycarbonate, leather, and many more. A CO2 laser machine uses a gas laser beam, which is generated from a carbon dioxide gas mixture in a sealed tube.

Finmark Pricas uses a flatbed design structure, allowing it to mark and cut large working pieces at ease. The working area of Finmark Pricas is also customizable. Highly applicable and useful across numerous industries, the Finmark Pricasvis the obvious choice for related industries.

Product Info

The Finmark Pricas Series is a high performance CO2 laser cutting and marking machine that possess the ability of producing superior laser marking, engraving, and precise cutting results on virtually any non-metal.

It comes with a laser indicator that allows users to identify accurate proximity for engraving or precise laser cutting. Our CO2 laser cutting machine offers a cost-effective solution in laser cutting and engraving technology. This unit is the perfect replacement for other marking technologies such as dot peen, ink jet and labeling. This is due to CO2’s ability to attain high speed while ensuring mark quality. Our laser engraving process ensures minimal maintenance, thus reducing operating costs. With zero consumables, Finmark’s CO2 lasers are just right for in-line integration. Our laser technology assures non-contrast marking in plastics as well as ink removal for date coding.

Finmark Pricas Series is ideal for engraving on wood, plastics, glass and rubber among others. The CO2 laser marking technology uses a beam of light as an engraving tool; therefore no part of the machinery touches the material surface being engraved. With our laser engraving, you get a crisp, permanent and highly detailed mark.

The CO2 cutting technology also improves the operator’s working environment. With efficiency and accuracy, CO2 is fast replacing the traditional method of cutting process.


✓ Customizable flatbed working area ✓ Easy maintenance
✓ Excellent cutting ability ✓ Laser indicator before marking/cutting
✓ Affordable


  • Personal items
  • Promotional items
  • Signage
  • Sign and Displays
  • And many more!


Parameter Finmark Pricas Series
Laser source CO2
Output power 20 to 100 watt
Working area 900 x 600 mm
Cooling system Air cooled / Water cooled
Minimum line width 0.3 mm
Dimension 1500 x 1100 x 1140 (h) mm