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Finmark FL Series

The Finmark FL Series fiber laser marking machine is your solution to mark and engrave on all types of metals with over the top precision and quality results. Be it stainless steel, brass, aluminium, anodized alloy, and many more!

Finmark FL Series are compact in size, allowing businesses with limited space to make full use of this wonder machine without the hurdle. The Finmark FL Series are also easy to setup, zero maintenance, and are able to accept any conventional graphical file format.

Product Info

Portraying efficiency and reliability, the Finmark FL Series is the solution for a wide range of high precision engraving needs. This affordable, yet easy-to-use compact unit allows effortless integration into the production processes, providing convenience right on your desk.

The Finmark FL Series is powered by a fiber laser source, making it ideal to mark on virtually any metal, achieving high quality and precise results. The working area of the Finmark FL Series is also customizable to suit different needs. Aiding accessories like the laser alignment device and rotary are compatible with this machine.


✓Air cooled. ✓Light weight and easy to install
✓Maintenance free ✓Customizable working area
✓No font or graphic restrictions ✓Customizable laser power


  • Personal items (Handphone, Laptops, etc)
  • Electronical parts
  • General appliances
  • Marking of serial numbers
  • Marking of QR code and Dot Matrix
  • And many more!


Parameter Finmark FL Series
Laser source Fiber
Output Power 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 watt
Marking Area 18 x 18 cm
Software controller Controller with various functions for marking
Dimension 40 x 40  x 59 cm