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Finmark FL Compact

Fiber laser marking right at your desk. The Finmark FL Compact are the combination of a PC and laser control system. Considered to be one of the smallest fiber laser marking machine in the world, Finmark FL Compact are extremely compact in size, easy to setup and dismantle, and what’s more, it produces high precision and quality marking on virtually all metals.

The Finmark FL Compact is ideal for businesses or individuals who are looking for an entry-level fiber laser marking machine, for applications ranging from marking serial number, barcode, and prototyping designs.

Product Info

Compact structure with highly integrated system. The Finmark FL Compact Series brings together PC system, Laser control unit, and Motion control system. Together with its industrial interfaces, this makes Finmark FL Compact very easy to integrate. The compact and light weight design features extremely high quality laser and performance.

Not only does it deliver high standards of quality and performance, it is also an attractive entry-level laser machine, making it ideal not only for small businesses, but also for individuals who needed a light-weight laser marking machine. The Finmark FL Compact is able to perform high precision marking on a spectrum of materials.


✓ Extremely compact ✓ Mark on virtually any metals
✓ All-in-one unit in a portable hand carry box ✓ Maintenance free
✓ High quality laser and performance


  • Personal items (Handphone, laptop, etc)
  • General appliances
  • Electronical parts
  • Marking of serial number
  • Marking of QR and Dot Matrix
  • And many more!



Parameters Unit FC-10 FC-20
Center Wavelength nm 1064 1064
Laser Type Fiber Fiber
Average Output Power w 10 20
Marking Area cm 11 x 11 (Customizable) 11 x 11 (Customizable)
Y Axis Height cm 35 35
Pulse Width ns 80 ~ 140 80 ~ 140
Operation Voltage VAC 100 ~240 100 ~ 240