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Finmark CL Series

Similar to the Finmark FL Series, but with a CO2 laser source. The Finmark CL Series provides you the cutting edge in laser marking on non-metals like wood, high pressured laminate, leather, plastic, and many more.

The Finmark CL Series is ideal for making fast and detailed marking on medium to small work piece. This simple and yet powerful CO2 laser marking machine is designed for users with limited inventory space, and for users who are looking into implementing laser marking automation in their production line.

Product Info

Need a fast marking speed and have limited inventory space? Then the Finmark CL Series is the machine that you are looking for. The Finmark CL Series comes with a CO2 laser source, ideal for laser marking on non-metals like wood, leather, and many more. This precision laser system has a fast marking speed as compared to the conventional flatbed CO2 machine, without sacrificing accuracy and marking quality.

The Finmark CL Series are air cooled, thus no additional water cooling system is needed. It comes with various output power options, and requires zero maintenance. The Finmark CL Series can be easily integrated into production process.



✓Air cooled. ✓High speed CO2 marking
✓Maintenance free ✓Customizable working area
✓No font or graphic restrictions ✓Customizable laser power


  • Personal items
  • Woodcraft designing
  • Marking of logos on non-metal
  • Marking of serial numbers
  • Marking of QR code and Dot Matrix
  • And many more!



Parameter Finmark CL Series
Laser source CO2
Output Power 10 / 20 / 30 watt
Marking Area 14 x 14 cm
Software controller Controller with various functions for marking
Dimension Contact us for information