Medical sector keeping laser in the prime of health

Monday, 18th May 2015

Things are looking brighter for companies manufacturing lasers as demand for cutting-edge technology is desperately sought after worldwide.

The global laser technology market is booming, and it’s much thanks to medicine. The demand for breakthrough medical technology continues to play a major role in diagnosis and treatment as well as in fields relating to aesthetics such as dentistry, eye surgeries or cosmetic procedures. It’s all about taking the least invasive route and shorter treatment time. And lasers can do the job.

The medical market is not alone in the race. Catching up fast are defence and security, as well as the demand for industrial lasers. These emerging markets are said to be the future drivers of laser systems and machinery. Unsurprisingly, in 20130 alone, global military spending and research amounted to 1.702 trillion U.S dollars according to research and data by Statista.

As for the industrial sector, traditional machinery is increasingly becoming obsolete. Modern material processes are more precise, faster and flexible. With smartphone usage estimated to reach 207.2 million users in the U.S alone next year, what more for China? As demand for smartphones increases exponentially, so will the laser systems that make them.

What are the dynamics and intricacies that are so enabling that the laser market’s hitting new highs? Read the full article here.