Laser cutting at the edge of Malaysian designer’s work

Tuesday, 19th Jan 2016

For 26-year-old Nurul Syazninabila, her education in architecture didn’t lead her to become an architect upon graduation.  Instead, she dabbled her hands in laser cutting and woodworking and has never looked back since. She now runs her own personal business in Malaysia called Cuts Studio.

She’s put a lot of thought into this and it evidently played out well. Her university lecturers in Scotland commented that she had a gift for model making. Having decided that the Malaysian industry for architects were too limited for her liking, she decided that she would pursue a niche that provided her with greater autonomy and freedom for her artistic expression.

Nabila headed to London upon graduation where she honed her skills on laser cutting, woodworking and model making at the Central Saint Martins Art School and returned to Malaysia to start her studio.

When she first began in 2014, her first laser-cutting machine failed her six months into operation. But that didn’t deter her from her business; her best sellers now are customised cake-toppers, laser cut-names and Kufi art. She also does signs, banners, quotes and laser engravings on wood. Part of her woodwork involves making cake stands and décor for nurseries. She has plans to make wooden furniture too.

Nabila does all the design work herself, even with her business expanding and having to hire temporary staff to help out with the laser cutting and woodworking. Her products are currently on the shelves at several shops like DESIGNation ( and a home bakery known as Baked in Chelsea ((

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