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Setting professional standards to Education


Main Purpose 1: Suitable Courses For Laser Application 

FabLabs are increasingly taking over schools and academic curriculums. These  physical portals are geared towards courses such as architecture, interior design, fashion  design, entrepreneurship and business engineering. However, as the purpose of education is  ever-evolving, innovative curriculums is not limited only to the mentioned courses. Hence,  the usage and versatility of laser applications in FabLabs are of even more relevance!


Main Purpose 2: Laser Machinery Is A Staple For FabLabs 

Finmark’s laser machinery serves an edge over other common and traditional  DIY tooling applications. Unlike dust created and smoothening of rough cuttings required in  CNC, our laser machinery provides great convenience for having low to no maintenance of the post-processing of materials. Harnessing the CO2 and Fiber laser qualities, laser  applications such as cutting, welding and engraving are suitable on the widest range of  materials possible. This brings both efficiency and effectiveness in expanding the possibilities  through the context of both academic and industry requirements.


Application Examples In FabLabs 

Laser application being highly efficient, is suitable for projects that require quality  prototypes of industry standards. The easy translation of ideas from CAD and graphics design  to the user-friendly laser process, enables it to take on urgent and frequent usage without a  problem.

  • Art projects
  • DIY projects
  • Design projects
  • Industrial design
  • Prototype construction
  • Digital production of 3D models
  • And many more


Laser cutting application for FabLabs can be done on a wide range of materials that comprises  of acrylic, film, wood, cardboard, plastic, MDF, paper, plastic, PMMA, polystyrene, foam,  textiles and much more. As finest precision can be achieved from the simplest to most  intricate designs, this gives the user ultimate freedom for generating and actualizing ideas.

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Function & Advantages of Laser Technology 

Maximize flexibility with material and application requirements 

Unlike the usage of CNC operations where changing of tool heads is time consuming, the laser beam is universal tool for processing a widest range of materials with  varied thickness, and cutting and engraving requirements. Laser is a fine tool that offers great  precision in creating the small fonts and finest of details.

Minimal maintenance with contactless processing 

Laser speeds up your work process by avoiding issues often found in milling,  through eliminating of troublesome procedures such as time-consuming fixation of material  and tool replacement costs. Also, from the advantage of contactless processing, there is no  wearing of laser beam and no distortion of material.

Seamless digital manufacturing 

Expect easy translation of your designs, without time-consuming programming  required by CNC. By sending your designs via the laser system software’s print command,  produce highly accurate and quality tangible end products.


Our Laser Products Recommendation 

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