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Fast & Effective Process of Manufacturing Serial Codes


Main Purpose 1: Straightforward, Readable, Quality Laser Marking 

Numerous industries, most commonly the automotive, medical technology and  electronics industry, require the use of line and serial barcoding. These codes, usually  consisting of data matrix or bar codes, contain information of properties of components,  production information, batch numbers and more, are imprinted onto products and parts for traceability. Therefore, the reliability is heavily depended on the simple, readable and long lasting effect of the barcoding. Achieve quality laser marking of barcodes for your  manufacture needs today!


Main Purpose 2: Optimize Nameplates Processing With Material & Visual Flexibility  

The flexibility of laser for its capacity in dealing with standard and non-typical  sizes, with high-speed processing, makes the laser marker the ideal tool for producing  nameplates. Be it for working on label self-adhesive materials, plastics and metals, for legal  signage and functional labels, our laser machines are best suited to enhance the laser application  process. User-friendly systems involve the use of different configuration options, speed and  power options, and accessories, to translate effects of barcoding, serialization and deep  engraving for both effective aesthetic and functional use.


Application Examples In Data Plates & Barcodes 

Highly resistant to environmental conditions of abrasion, UV radiation, extreme  temperature and chemicals, laser application is able to imprint sharp readable markings, even  size-1 fonts, onto designated surfaces. Be it for low to high quantity jobs, due to the low maintenance required and high durability of machine, production per piece remains a consistent low. Look no further for your barcoding needs with our laser machines!

  • Data plates
  • Industrial plaques
  • Machine plaques
  • Warning notices
  • Product information
  • Information on trademark protection


Laser marking application for data plates and barcodes can be done on a wide range of  materials such as, plastics, laminates, acrylic plates, range of metals, coated/anodized metals  and many more.

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Function & Advantages of Laser Technology 

Lasting life-span of the component 

Laser marking and engraving creates a permanent imprint that lasts the life-span  of the product or item part. A thoroughly effective method in comparison to other application  types, and is highly resistant to extreme temperatures, chemicals, UV and abrasion.

Minimal maintenance with contactless processing 

Laser speeds up your work process by avoiding issues often found in milling, through eliminating of troublesome procedures such as time-consuming fixation of material and tool replacement costs. Also, from the advantage of contactless processing, there is no wearing of laser beam and no distortion of material.

Cost Efficiency 

No operation consumables such as inks, chemicals or sprays are required for direct application of laser marking. Costly handling and mass disposal of these materials are eliminated. Moreover, due to laser beam being the only ‘tool’, no tool wear and hence no  maintenance of tooling parts is required.

High reliability in precision and repeatability 

The wear-free operation produces highest precision possible. With great  reliability, this reduces waste from repeated productions.


Our Laser Products Recommendation 

Check out the selections of recommended laser machines for data plates and barcoding. Want to know more? Do not hesitate! Contact us at (+65) 6743 6707 or email us via Our friendly and resourceful team will assist you with your enquiries today.


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