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Model-Making / Display & Toy Models


Main Purpose 1: Model-making
Model-making for architecture projects often involves the need for laser cutting of various shapes, intricate details and ‘to the tee’ precise measurements. Laser etching of textures and scoring is also applicable to the laser application process, which enhance the product’s overall concept. The materials use can vary from the good old Bristol board, to cardboard, MDF, wood, acrylics and more.


Main Purpose 2: Display & Toy Models
Display Architectures are frequently sold in toy, uniquely customized products and gift shops. The purpose of display is a simulation of creative make-believe environments that are ‘home’ to realistic and cartoon figurines. Also depending on the display theme and purpose, the display architecture would commonly require to be made from sturdy material, sporting clean-cut finish, and materials of varying light-transfusion capacities.


Application Examples in Architectural Industry

Overview on the Industry: Architecture designs are often created using various design and 3D software. Design structures are created intelligently by the translation of design onto applied laser cutting method.

Application of laser machine is becoming a staple for architecture productions, as it greatly reduces the manual cutting time involving traditional cutting tools. Due to the efficiency of speed and software intelligence of the laser machines offer, it enables the architects/designers to build scaled infrastructures models through the accurate and detailed laser cutting and engraving processes that offer fine post-cutting finishes on architectural model-making for both academic assessment and professional standards.

• Housing Projects
• Interior Design Projects
• Academic Projects
• Display/Toy Models
• Displays for Festive Occasions

Laser cutting application of architecture models can be done on a wide range of materials that comprises of acrylic, Bristol board, cardboard, foam, foils and films, MDF, paper, PMMA, plastics, polystyrene, synthetic materials, textiles, veneer, wood and many more.

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Function & Advantages of Laser Technology

Unbeatable precision and intricacy
Translate your masterful architecture CAD designs into your medium of material choice with ease with our CO2 laser machines. Incredibly accurate engraving and cutting is achieved, owing to the camera assisted positioning and strong coordination of the software with the laser head and axis.

Quality output, no post processing required
With in-built intelligent airflow system, multifunctional table concept and quality laser coordination and projection, expect clean smooth edges with no post-processing required.

Usage of our CO2 Laser is akin to ease of use of a printer. The design layouts are conveniently plotted by the system, and axis set-ups controlled by ergonomic functions. With the parameters indicated, you will be sure to laser cut out your architecture models with speed and ease.

Versatility for materials and application
Our CO2 laser machines are highly versatile in working on a wide variety of materials required in architecture model-making; acrylic, Bristol board, cardboard, foam, foils and films, MDF, paper, PMMA, plastics, polystyrene, synthetic materials, textiles, veneer, wood and many more. Moreover, apart from our different configurations and laser accessories, achieve optimum results with our software’s library that encapsulates standard settings created for specific material types and thickness.


Our Laser Products Recommendation

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