3-D printing adds a new dimension to DIY spot welders

Monday, 11th Jan 2016

Spot welding is a process of joining to pieces of sheet metal together with an electrical current that’s passed through at the weld spot. And it’s perhaps one of the most economical ways of joining two pieces of metal together permanently.

Matthew Borgatti, a designer and metal fabricator, had an epiphany while passing an abandoned microwave on the street one day. He had everything needed to build a microwave spot-welder from scratch – exactly what he needed to expand his powers of prototyping for his personal shop.

Four days was all it took to 3-D print it – design and all. Borgatti has made his designs and calculations available for individuals to try their hand in making one.

Click here to read the full article and watch how a homemade 3-D spot welder actually works!