Wednesday, 13th Jan 2016

Up your calligraphy game

If you’re into calligraphy and engraving, this might just up your game. With new laser technologies, you’re now able to etch precise curls and swirls without causing calligraphy carnage. Depths are calculated to the tee to prevent damage to the reverse side of the paper and fonts can be calibrated to your preferences. No more […]

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Monday, 11th Jan 2016

3-D printing adds a new dimension to DIY spot welders

Spot welding is a process of joining to pieces of sheet metal together with an electrical current that’s passed through at the weld spot. And it’s perhaps one of the most economical ways of joining two pieces of metal together permanently. Matthew Borgatti, a designer and metal fabricator, had an epiphany while passing an abandoned […]

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Monday, 18th May 2015

Medical sector keeping laser in the prime of health

Things are looking brighter for companies manufacturing lasers as demand for cutting-edge technology is desperately sought after worldwide. The global laser technology market is booming, and it’s much thanks to medicine. The demand for breakthrough medical technology continues to play a major role in diagnosis and treatment as well as in fields relating to aesthetics […]

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